This collection of highly desirable cloths are meticulously hand-crafted in luxurious velvet and will look elegant in any player's home.  Select from three sumptuous colours and a wide range of beautiful borders.

Each cloth is approximately 45"/ 114cm square.

The Versailles cloths are delivered to you professionally packaged, wrapped in tissue and placed in its own individual box.

Click here to find out how to care for your velvet cloth.

The bridge cloths in this collection are listed below. Click on the underlined colour or decoration to view the cloth (and/or buy on-line) or click here to choose your cloth interactively.

Green Luxury Velvet
45in / 115cm square
BC06    Matching fringing    £108.95   
BC03    Spanish Gold fringing    £108.95   
BC25    Greek Key design edging    £139.95   
BC27    Floral design edging    £129.95   

Burgundy Luxury Velvet
45in / 115cm square
BC05    Matching fringing    £108.95   
BC02    Spanish Gold fringing    £108.95   
BC31    Floral design edging    £129.95   

Navy Luxury Velvet
45in / 115cm square
BC04    Matching fringing    £108.95   
BC01    Spanish Gold fringing    £108.95   
BC33    Greek Key design edging    £139.95   
BC35    Floral design edging    £129.95